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Once you have had the chance to grill the perfect hamburger this summer, there isn’t much left to accomplish. All you need to do then is pack up the leftovers, grab the empty beer bottles, and you’re all set. Actually, the leftover charcoal needs to be disposed of as well. Before you decide to tip over that grill, you’ll definitely want to read on and learn more about the proper disposal techniques of leftover charcoal.

If you would like to dispose of wood ash and charcoal, be sure to allow the ash to cool for at least 48 hours. Do you need to speed up the process? If so, you can pour water over the charcoal. From there, take a moment to stir it and allow the ash to cool down completely before wrapping it in aluminum foil and setting it inside of a non-combustible trash bin.

Image by Bence Balla-Schottner from Pixabay

What about those who decided to use additive-free lump charcoal, though? This ash can actually be put to good use around the house! In fact, if you are looking for the perfect fertilizer for your plants, this charcoal is one of the best resources that you are going to have at your disposal. The charcoal ash is rich in potash, an important nutrient for many plants. And it’s one of the best ways to successfully increase the pH level of the plant soil.

There are even ways to use up the bag of used charcoal in your garage. Don’t use briquettes that have additives, though. Some may decide to place a few pieces of the charcoal in a bag inside of their fridge, a great way to reduce odors.

Looking to increase the carbon content of your compost pile? The charcoal ash can be used as such. And, by placing a lump of the charcoal at the bottom of a vase, you can make your freshly cut flowers last for even longer periods of time. Charcoal can even be used as a mulch in your garden that will suppress weeds.

Of course, you are going to want to keep a few pieces on hand once the winter rolls around. After all, your snowman faces are not going to look the same without it.

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