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Everyone says that owning your own home is an adventure, but let’s not forget that renting can be quite adventurous too, especially if your space happens to be a space shared by cockroaches.

No one likes to think that these pests are in their home, but there was one woman who posted a picture of the worst possible roommate situation which involved a plastered roach.

Photo: Max Pixel

In the post, a woman shared a photo showing how her landlord ended up painting over a roach on her wall. While we all know roaches to be intrepid little pests that can survive everything short of a nuclear blast, this story is nothing short of bizarre.

It was shared on Twitter by user @chellzyeah, who discovered the bug perfectly preserved under some white emulsion, and wrote in her post, “My landlord painted over a f***ing roach.”

The post gained viral status online, gaining more than 350,000 likes and 39,000 retweets. Given that the insect’s final moments captured were quite animated, there were many people in the comments jumping in and giving their opinions.

There were those who seemed to want to turn the roach’s final moments into a meme:

While others used it to reference a famous scene from the Star Wars movies:

As funny as the post might have been to some, there were other Twitter users who were absolutely horrified by the landlord’s actions. One person wrote, “That’s pretty gross. That means there are probably dead roaches under the carpet as well. Note to landlords, you’re supposed to fumigate AND clean before you paint.”

Someone else added their own story of how cockroaches can be, saying, “I once put a coffee cup over a roach in a basement sink at work. 3 months later I noticed the cup in the same spot and picked it up, and that damn roach woke from his nap and scurried down the drain. I guarantee you this roach is still alive in the paint. Waiting, plotting…”

Hopefully @chellzyeah doesn’t have to contend with a zombified cockroach emerging from several layers of paint. We’ll just have to keep an eye on her Twitter for any follow-ups.

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