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Have you ever gone unicorn hunting? If you happen to be in an enchanted forest, you might want to be prepared. A unicorn hunting license is an important part of your gear, and you can find a free license at Michigan’s Lake Superior State University (LSSU).

Bill Rabe was the public relations director at LSSU in the 1970s. Along with some English professors, he started the Department of Natural Unicorns of the Unicorn Hunters. At a later time, hunters were changed to “questers,” just in case anybody was offended at the thought of killing one of those mythical animals. It even spells it out on the license, only allowing rubber-tipped arrows during the bow and arrow week in October. No other weapons are permitted.

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Rabe’s children were involved in the process, mailing a physical license to applicants during summer vacation. James Rabe, who is now a radio host for Y105FM said, “A few days after my dad would be on radio, TV, or in the newspaper, the office would get a ton of requests for a license. Sometimes hundreds. Which made for the weirdest summer job ever, mailing Unicorn Hunting Licenses to people all over the world.”

Things are a little different these days because you can get the license online. In order to do so, you should print out a PDF, sign your name, and send a picture of you holding the license to marketing@lssu.edu. You also need to let the University know if they can share your picture on social media. At that point, you are free to work within the departmental regulations to chase unicorns.

Questing season is open all year, with the exception of Valentine’s Day and any time the “tooth fairy or Santa Claus is around.” There is also a “questing kit” available, and it can give you guidance as to what you should bring on the quest.

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