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There is a certain part of our brain that holds onto all of our cherished childhood memories but we don’t always get the chance to access it. Sometimes, though, something comes along to jar these memories loose.

Now, Kellogg’s is doing just that. After more than a decade, they’re bringing back Kellogg’s Cereal Straws!

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Younger readers may need a bit of a refresher course and that’s okay as well. The brand once got rid of plastic straws and they were very much ahead of their time by choosing to do so. In place of those straws, they created cereal straws that were environmentally friendly and made it possible to easily slurp up the milk from the bottom of the cereal bowl.

Those straws were sadly discontinued, but now, after 12 years, they’re finally back! One flavor of the straws even had a petition started that received more than 81,000 signatures.


The flavors Kellog’s is bringing back are the iconic Froot Loops and Cocoa Krispies cereal straws. Having a chocolaty and a fruity flavor allows for plenty of options to pair with different types of cereals.

Naturally, people were beyond excited about the news and took to social media to share.

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According to Best Products, the straws will be available in October of 2021.

Which flavor are you most excited to stock up on?

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