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Cooking is an art form. Through the ages, there have been plenty of chefs who show off different ways of making some pretty tasty recipes. Cooking can be intimidating when you first start learning, but after a while, you become comfortable with certain recipes. However, there are some recipes that can still seem daunting to make. Poached eggs are one of those items that can still seem a little scary to try and make.

They can be tricky to make, but if they’re executed right then they can easily elevate your breakfast to a classy brunch affair.

Photo: Unsplash

That is why there are plenty of home chefs who are looking for easy tricks or hacks to pull off these hard-to-make eggs without having them go awry.

But if you’re looking for an easy solution, you may want to look to the past for a great solution. It seems that Julia Child had a very simple approach that made poached eggs easy.

Photo: Pixabay

Julia Child was known in her time for making haute cuisine accessible to the average household, and her TV show and cookbooks were quite popular. Even though she is no longer around, her cooking legacy is still very much plays an influence in modern-day cooking.

In an old clip from her show, Julia Childs actually shows chef Jacques Pepin an easy way of making a poached egg. In the footage, she shows Pepin how to poke a little hole in the egg before boiling it whole in its shell for 10 seconds. This method helps the egg whites contain their shape prior to cracking them open and dropping them into the boiling water.

Photo: Unsplash

After watching this easy trick, we can’t help but feel that making brunch at home now will be super easy.

Check out the video below:

What do you think about Julia Child’s egg poaching trick? Let us know!

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