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Breakfast foods can come as a wide variety of sweet or savory options. Amongst some of the beloved savory breakfast foods is the humble omelet. It’s a simple way of throwing together a filling breakfast that will keep you going until lunch.

But perhaps one of the classic omelet recipes is the French omelet, which was popularized by French cuisine expert Julia Child.

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While she hasn’t been around for a while, her culinary skills are still remembered and used by people who enjoy cooking. Enter the #JuliaChildChallenge on Instagram, which was started by New York Times food editor, Emily Fleischaker, as a way of making one of Child’s specialties: the French omelet.

In the challenge video, Fleischaker kicks it off by stating “You’re about to see a French omelet being made.” From there, she goes on to cook the omelet in the exact same manner as Child’s used to. As seen in the video, the omelet does need certain items in order to make it, including a nonstick skillet with flared sides.

Photo: Instagram / emofly

From there, you will melt two tablespoons of butter over medium-high heat. Once the butter starts foaming, you can pour in your eggs. There are three eggs that you beat beforehand, making sure that they’re evenly beat so that the omelet cooks evenly.

Photo: Unsplash

Then, the real skill begins as you will have to shake the pan back and forth with one hand, while tilting the pan slightly as you roll it. The entire technique is pretty quick, and once mastered, voila! Breakfast is served.

Watch the technique below:

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