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Now that we have had a chance to settle down about John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s most recent baby announcement, it’s time to discuss other important issues. Sure, baby number three is a true blessing but we are here to talk about something else entirely. This couple is well known for their social media antics and all of their amazing recipes. John’s latest share will blow your mind, we promise.

Chrissy uploaded a video on her YouTube channel of John’s recipe for chicken tenders. As you would have expected, these tenders are supposed to be kid-friendly. These tenders look positively delicious. They may have been made with children in mind, but adults are going to love them just as much. This is not the first time that John has shared a recipe on Chrissy’s YouTube page, either.

Seasoned viewers probably remember his awesome recipe for fried chicken. However, he says that the tenders make for a better option for his little ones. Luna and Miles do much better with the tenders and its easy to see why. The tenders can be paired with the dipping sauce of your choice, too.

Image by pastel100 from Pixabay

The honey mustard fans out there are going to want to tune in for Chrissy’s pro tips on how to create their own. Her honey mustard ranch dipping sauce is a family favorite and now it can become a favorite in your household as well. We do not want to spoil all of the surprises in this clip but you’ll want to have some Lowry’s seasoning on hand because John’s chicken tenders aren’t the same without it.

You’ll also want cayenne, garlic powder, and buttermilk on hand. John can show you how to make the tenders much better than we can tell you, though. You’ll just have to watch the video and check out his recipe for yourself. After all, you’re going to want to follow the chef step by step.

And in case you’re wondering how they came out, Luna is right there to perform her own taste test. She provides families with immediate confirmation that they are, in fact, amazing. “I love frying chicken. It’s one of my favorite things,” John said. He doesn’t have to convince us, though. We believe him 100%!