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There are certain mysteries that we all find ourselves wondering about. When it comes to our favorite television personalities, we have no shortage of questions. While the television personalities that we love most always look absolutely fabulous, their looks don’t come without sacrifice.

Joanna Gaines might make her appearance look effortless but we have always wondered how long it takes her to get her hair to look like that. As she revealed, her signature hairstyle is far from her natural hair and takes a lot of effort!

Photo: flickr/Alt Summit

She shared a photo of her natural hair on an Instagram story. In the photo, she showed off her long locks that are typically styled in sleek, loosened curls when she is filming. The photo was shared before any styling took place. Her hair is nearly hip length and quite voluminous.

“It takes about 1.5 hours to tame this mane. And since it’s a reveal day, I’m going to fix ‘er up,” she said.

Photo: Instagram/joannagaines

It’s easy to assume that she rolled out of bed and went right to the set, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Her hair alone takes 90 minutes!

Joanna’s candid nature has always been a joy to us. She loves to post photos for her Instagram followers and she does not have to be all dolled up when she does.

Photo: Instagram/joannagaines

She even recreated a picture from her childhood on her Instagram feed last year and we could not stop laughing. “Not much has changed and I’ll probably regret this photo but it’s worth saying again kids… the world needs who you were made to be!” the caption read.

We love you as you are, Joanna!