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Jeanne Simmons is the artist who is here to explain their life’s work to everyone and we have enjoyed every second of this one. Her photo series is centered around one of the coolest ideas that we have ever seen.

She has found a way to combine the natural beauty that women possess with the beauty of nature. The end result is beyond incredible.

Photo: Instagram/@jeanneksimmons

These photos, which Jeanne shares on Instagram, are known as “womanscapes,” a concept that we did not learn about until we were today years old. The bodies of these women are weaved into the natural landscape in such an organic and clever way.

The natural garments and styles that are used in these photos allow them to truly stand apart. We have never seen styles like these before and it makes for a very fun watch.

Photo: Instagram/@jeanneksimmons

Did you know that they could make skirts out of grass and seaweed? We had no idea. We were already spellbound and that’s before we got to the dress that is made from ivy.

The bark corsets are also a nice touch. We are enthralled by the wheat hair extensions as well. The soft grass that was used to make a cocoon looks very cozy, if we do say so ourselves.

Photo: Instagram/@jeanneksimmons

This is not a mere lark for Jeanne, either. These photos are an extension of one of her core beliefs. She even goes on to explain this in her own words.

According to 60 Second Docs, she said: “My core belief is that we are part of nature. I often incorporate women into the landscape …I’m just trying to elevate women and the natural world we’re part of. The very fabric of the natural world.”

Photo: YouTube/60 Second Docs

This makes all of the sense in the world to us. The concept may not make sense on paper but once you have seen the execution here? You are sure to be converted to her line of thinking.

Once you have had the chance to see this one for yourself, you are going to understand exactly what we are talking about.

Photo: YouTube/60 Second Docs

Kudos to Jeanne for putting this photo set together. Hopefully, this is not the last time that she puts together these breathtaking “womanscapes” for our enjoyment!

Check out the video below: