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In 2020, Cully Pratt inherited an International Harvester Scout 800 from his aunt and uncle, who were living in Los Cabos, Mexico. The Scout was in bad shape — rusted out and inoperable after years of staying garaged with occasional drives on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas — but Cully was determined to get it into tip-top shape again.

The Scout was pretty well traveled. Prior to its stint as a beach vehicle in Cabo, it had belonged to Cully’s grandpa in Minnesota. After his death, the Scout went to Cully’s aunt and uncle who had it towed all the way up to Anchorage, Alaska. After years of tinkering, they got it running again, but there was still work to do.

They eventually towed the Scout down to Cabo San Lucas where it stayed for years. And then it was Cully’s turn! He jumped at the opportunity to rebuild the Scout and drove to Southern California where he rented a trailer and towed the old Scout all the way up to Northern California.

Since 2020, Cully has done a ton of work on his grandpa’s old Scout. With the help of friends, the suspension, transmission, and engine were completely overhauled but a ton of body work has been done as well.

Cully has made every inch of the interior and exterior shine. He’s replaced the flooring, seats, and installed two new doors as well as a roll cage and seat belts. (Safety first!)

Restoring the old Scout has definitely been a labor of love, but just like with any old classic, the work is never really done.