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Matt Mikka of Warped Perception came up with a crazy idea recently. He decided that he wanted to take a closer look at what went on inside of the dishwasher during a washing cycle.

This is something that many of us have wondered about in the past, too. Until now, we simply had to go with our best guess and we never had any clue what was going on inside of there.

Photo: Pixabay

Matt has decided to enlighten us. He grabbed a GoPro and a dive case enclosed Insta360 camera before getting to work. Once the cameras were safely installed in the dishwasher, he ran it through a full cycle.

Photo: YouTube/Warped Perception

He shared the video with the world on YouTube. It’s fascinating to watch the dish go from dirty to clean!

Photo: YouTube/Warped Perception

“For those of you who are curious about the inside of the dishwasher and how a dishwasher works inside and does its job then this video is for you. Mostly I was really curious about how the dish soap gets dispensed which I haven’t ever seen on video before,” Matt wrote in the description.

Watch the video below:

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