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If you are anything like the rest of us, you have been spending a fair amount of time fantasizing about the lazy afternoons you are going to be spending in the swimming pool. We cannot wait to crack open a White Claw and grab a flotation device. While floating around on the water with your favorite adult beverage can be a lot of fun, you may want to up the ante a bit.

Once you are finished with your latest round of Marco Polo, you will definitely want to find out more about the newest option in water fun! Swimline is here to make your next summer a great one. and thanks to them, you and your best friends are now going to have the chance to enjoy your own floating card game! Amazon is now offering The Swimline Waterproof Game Station to all those who are looking to get the most out of their summer days.

Photo: Amazon

The floating game station comes with two comfy sling chairs that are fully inflatable. Don’t worry, they also come with cup holders that will keep your aforementioned beverages safe and sound. The cup holders are able to accommodate most of your drinks, as long as they are 20 ounces and under.

The inflatable game table is what makes this item a must-have, though. You’ll even have access to your very own set of waterproof playing cards. We cannot wait to spend our days playing Go Fish and War with all of our pals. Meanwhile, those who are craving a little bit of alone time are more than welcome to play solitaire.


Once the table is completely inflated, it gets pulled tight enough to support any card game that you want to play. Bungee ball ties are provided as well, which allows us to connect all of our furniture if we so choose. Best of all, this whole set can be had for less than $40 when you head to Amazon. We can only speak for ourselves but we’ll be getting our hands on this set as soon as possible.

It hasn’t even arrived yet and we already cannot imagine a summer without it. Amazon Prime free delivery is available, in case you were worried about getting stuck with the cumbersome hidden fees that often take place when you order online. Be sure to share this awesome summer fun with your friends and loved ones!

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