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A trip to IKEA is never complete without a trip to their cafeteria in order to get a plate of their famed Swedish meatballs.

Sure, wandering around the showrooms and looking at the displays is cool, but let’s be honest, the meatballs are the real stars of the show. Whenever I go to IKEA, I also need my meatball fix.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

If you are a fan of the meatballs, there might be a cool new addition to your home. IKEA is rolling out their new Store in a Box, which is a collection of various surprise items which they’ll be giving away to those in their loyalty program as a way of celebrating their 10th anniversary.

One of these limited edition items happens to be a HUVUDROLL candle, which is a candle that is scented to smell just like their meatballs. If you don’t mind your home smelling like Swedish meatballs that you can’t eat, then this is the candle for you.

They shared photos of the candle on Instagram, saying, “Whether you’re lounging in a bubble bath or meditating in your room, add some spice to any activity with our limited edition HUVUDROLL meatball scented candle, created just for our 10 year anniversary of IKEA Family.”

Photo: Instagram/ikeausa
Photo: Instagram/ikeausa

If you want this candle and happen to be a part of the IKEA Family, then you get access to all the special offers and products from the 6th of August until the 22nd of August. There will even be a chance to enter a giveaway in order to win a Store in a Box.

The entire concept behind the Store in a Box is to recreate what it’s like to visit one of IKEA’s many locations using sensory details. Besides the meatball-scented candle, there will be other products included – although what those have yet to be released.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In order to get in on the fun, click here to go to their website.

What do you think of meatball-scented candle? Would you use one in your home? Let us know!

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