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Bug bites happen year-round but they are much more frequent doing the summertime. Whether it’s because we’re spending more time outdoors or there are just more bugs everywhere because of the heat, summertime seems to be the time of year that we’re most at risk of getting bit. For most of us, bug bits are just an unpleasant occurrence. But for others who may have an allergy, knowing what bit you can spell the difference between life or death.

Below are 10 common bug bites and what you can expect them to look like:

1. Mosquito

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Mosquito bites come in two types depending on how long the insect was sucking your blood. Mosquito bites are either small circles or larger lumps. Anyone who’s ever had a mosquito bite knows that they’re so itchy. And scratching them only intensifies the itch.

2. Flea

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I have experienced my first set of flea bites. #itchy #fleas #GriffethsAbroad #GriffethsDoEthiopia #FamilyTravels #RoughingIt #ToughChick #FleaBites

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Flea bites are easily identifiable since the fleas tend to bite in the same place several times. As a result, their bites are small and red and also very itchy.

3. Lice

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Head lice bites are the same as fleas, but the difference is that most of the time these bites will be limited to the head, neck, and ear area.

4. Bedbug

Photo: Flickr

Bedbug bites will appear in a similar fashion as mosquito bites. The difference is that they’re redder and usually are itchier as well. Plus, they tend to develop in a zig-zag pattern. But the thing with bedbugs is if you believe you’ve been bitten by them you need to get on an exterminator right away – they’re impossible to get rid of otherwise.

5. Tick

Photo: Flickr

Tick bites will appear as a red ring, and they’ll occasionally have a black dot in the center. The important thing is to get the tick out with proper methods by using vaseline or rubbing alcohol before pulling it out with tweezers. It’s also suggested that you place the tick in an airtight container and have a medical professional test it for either Lyme disease or rocky mountain spotted fever.

6. Wasp

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Most of the time, us and the wasps around the boat are happy to ignore each other, but this guy was none too happy when I sandwiched him between myself and the sunshade and came at me with a vengeance. #waspsting #boatlife #ouch #hestartedit #boatrenovation #diy #indiantownmarina #mjsailing #travelblogger #travelvlogger #sailingvlog

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A wasp sting will be a red area that has a noticeable mark in the center. These can be both painful and itchy. After a while, the area will get even redder and begin to swell.

7. Hornet

Similar to a wasp sting, there will be swelling and a bit of pain at the sting site.

8. Bee

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

While honey bees won’t sting as often as wasps or hornets, they will on occasion sting if they need too. They’re easily identifiable since their stinger gets left behind at the site. You can remove the stinger with tweezers then clean the area with some rubbing alcohol.

9. Red Ant

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Red ant bite on my leg. #AntBite #redantbite I think people think I’m exaggerating when I say I am sensitive. The entire red area which covers most of the top of my leg is rock hard.

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Red ant bites are very similar to flea bites with one major difference: Red ant bites are immediately painful.

10. Spider

Photo: Flickr

Spider bites differ depending on the type of spider. In general, they’re red and hard to the touch. They’re also a duality of painful and itchy. Most of the time these bites will show two puncture marks where the insect bit you.
For more information about the different bites and if you need to get medical attention, you can click here.

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