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In the age of viral internet videos, we’ve become used to things like “Polish Mountain” and “X Layers of…” videos. But, we’ve not seen one quite like this before. On a slow day at a Krispy Kreme location, one employee decided to ice a plain yeast donut 25 times to find out what the result would be. According to the video he uploaded of the process a manager was skeptical, but the employees convinced her that it “needed to be done”. The employee who uploaded the video to TikTok is user jackpaul_jones, who works at Krispy Kreme.

4-pack of Krispy Kreme Donuts
Via/ Unsplash

Even after only 3 passes through the icing spray, the donut looks quite a bit different from the other confections near it on the line. After more than an hour the result of 25 icing cycles wasn’t cute or even appetizing looking. Instead the donut underneath begins to fall apart with the weight of the icing and the coating isn’t smooth, but instead very thick, opaque, and uneven. The captions on the video describe it as a “ball of icing” rather than a donut after having completed so many turns through the icing machine.

So the question is do you eat a “monster” like this? Of course you do! In a follow-up video 3 out of the 4 people who tried it found the super-glazed donut to be too sweet to take more than one bite of. See this hilarious (and necessary) video below.


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