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Few things are more annoying than having to throw out fruit right after we have taken it home from the store. The last thing anyone wants to do is head to the supermarket and end up wasting money in the process. We’ve all experienced the annoyance of opening up a new container of strawberries, only to find that they have already started to turn into mush.

Fortunately, this Facebook user is here to help. Thanks to their helpful hack, you can keep your strawberries looking brand new at all times. Brittany King got the idea from her friend Lilly and she was more than happy to spread the wealth. This trick can also be to salvage wilted greens, so be sure to try it out.

Photo: Brittany King/Facebook

All you have to do to save your sad, old strawberries (or wilted greens)? Grab a bucket full of ice water, pop the strawberries in for 20 minutes, and watch the magic unfold. Once the strawberries have been removed from the water, they are going to be as tender and juicy as they were when you first took them home from the grocery store!

It’s important to note that this hack is not going to work if you are trying to revive foods that have already gone bad. It works best as a form of preventive medicine, so please do not make the mistake of trying to clean your already moldy strawberries in an ice bath. Rather, you can use this hack when your berries are beginning to get old, but aren’t quite moldy yet.

So, when someone gives you life changing advice, you have to share it! Thank you SO MUCH Lilly Jackson for the tip…

Posted by Brittany King on Thursday, May 7, 2020

Brittany’s post has gone viral and has since been shared hundreds of thousands of times. We knew that we were not the only ones out there who were getting tired of throwing perfectly good strawberries in the trash.

There are others who will recommend placing a paper towel at the bottom of any container of strawberries, as a means of absorbing unwanted moisture. Meanwhile, we are the type of people who will simply eat all of the strawberries the second that we get them home. That’s definitely one way to avoid the long term struggles that come with this fruit.

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