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Anybody who enjoys scooping their own ice cream at home realizes that there’s a sweet spot. All too often, we either end up with rock-solid ice cream that is practically impossible to scoop or a soupy mixture that won’t hold its shape.

When it’s time for a bowl of ice cream or an ice cream cone, there’s no time to wait for the freezer burn to melt. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait because there is a simple trick that will keep you scooping continuously.

It may sound simplistic, but putting the ice cream container in a plastic bag before putting it in the freezer is the key.

Photo: Pixabay

Ice cream gets difficult to scoop when freezer burn sets in. When the carton goes into a large bag, such as a gallon Ziploc bag with all of the air squeezed out, freezer burn is no longer a problem.

You can also take it to the next level by warming up the ice cream scoop in some warm water before scooping.

Freezer burn takes place when frozen food is exposed to air. You can get around the issue by adding the extra layer of insulation. It also has the added benefit of keeping the ice cream from absorbing other smells from the freezer.