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Welcoming home a new baby is so exciting for the family, and it can be even more exciting when there are two babies coming home!

That’s the kind of surprise Juno the husky got to experience when his owners welcomed home twin daughters, Hailey and Kaylee.

Photo: flickr/Donnie Ray Jones

While some dogs have a hard time adjusting to life with siblings, Juno seems to be doing just fine.

In an adorable clip shared on YouTube by marky244, you can see the sweet pup having a blast playing with the girls! He has a blast rolling around on his back and gentling pawing at each girl.

Photo: YouTube/marky244

The babies seem to be having a blast with him, too, and they reach for his fur and burst into laughter. Seeing how gentle and careful Juno is with the girls makes it so much sweeter!

According to the American Kennel Club, Siberian Huskies are known for being excellent family dogs when properly introduced to new family members. As natural-bred pack dogs, they enjoy the company of their people and serve as excellent watchdogs.

Photo: YouTube/marky244

Hailey and Kaylee may just grow up with one of the best big brothers around!

Check out the sweet clip of their playtime below: