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We’ve featured many stories on LittleThings that prove true love and romance is alive and well — like one man who refused to put his ailing wife in a nursing home and took her on a trip around the world instead.

Or the husband who built his wife an actual throne to show her how much of a queen he thinks she is.

The hubby you’re about to meet is no exception, and his simple yet sweet gesture has women everywhere asking their significant others, “Why don’t you do this for me?!!”

A family from New York recently ventured outside after a snowstorm. While taking a walk with his parents, the couple’s son filmed as his father cleared a path in the snow for his mother, who was wearing heels, so she could walk with ease.

He just kept shuffling along to clear the way as best he could for his beloved bride.

The son sent the clip to his sister, Twitter user @_Christar_, who shared it on her page. “My brother just sent me this video of my dad making a path for my mom to walk,” she captioned the clip. “I’m in love 😭😍 this is precious.”

The heartwarming moment must’ve struck a nerve with viewers, because it has since gone viral with over 10 million views!

See? Chivalry isn’t dead.