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If you are the sort of person who loves to rock turtlenecks, this video might give you pause. As it turns out, there is actually a correct way to wear them.

We had no idea but we are all ears. After all, TikTok has provided us with a number of hacks in the past that worked out great. We cannot see why this one would end up being any different.

Photo: TikTok/@mary.orton

According to this woman, we have been wearing our turtlenecks all wrong and she is here to help us out. Mary Orton is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who is based in New York City, so she’s got a lot of credibility here.

Her video about turtle necks has gotten more than 3.5 million views, as everyone gathers around to learn more about the error of their ways.

Photo: TikTok/@mary.orton

“I hate to be the one to have to tell you this, but you’re probably wearing turtlenecks wrong,” Mary says. We were a little let down to hear about this common mistake but there is no time like the present to learn more.

Most of us roll our turtlenecks from the outside but as Mary explains, it is supposed to be rolled from the inside. This allows for a far cleaner neckline than what we would enjoy normally. The reasoning that she is providing here makes total sense to us and we watched this video as attentively as possible.

Photo: TikTok/@mary.orton

“Also, it gives you a cleaner canvas if you want to layer necklaces,” she reveals to the audience. “Plus, a lot of turtlenecks develop this sort of warbled edge here, so tucking it inside can make it look more expensive.”

If you would like to make it look more like a mock neck, you also have the option of doubling up on the inside fold.


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Meanwhile, the comments were full of praise, as everyone rushed to thank her. “So much more sophisticated and classic. Teamed with a blazer looks so much more aesthetically appealing to the eye,” said one viewer. We could not agree more.

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