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When it comes to toilet seat covers, there is an ongoing debate about their ability to keep us protected. Some believe that these seat covers can go a long way towards reducing the transmission of infection and others do not see the need for them. Scientific research shows that the possibility of limiting infection with the usage of toilet seat covers is rather slim, but bear with us.

In the majority of instances, public toilet seats are already damp with various forms of waste. This reduces the level of effectiveness for most toilet seat covers. The average toilet seat cover is made of paper, which causes them to absorb the waste. However, we are not here to answer the question about whether a toilet seat cover is worth it or not. We just want to help you when you are using public restrooms.

Photo: Flickr

Unfortunately, a number of people who use toilet seat covers have no clue how to use them properly.

So, here’s out to properly use toilet seat covers.

First, dry off the toilet seat with toilet paper first. This keeps the seat cover from becoming damp the moment that you set it down.

Next, remove the seat cover from the dispenser as gently as possible and separate the flap.

Then, take a closer look at the perforation around the cover’s perimeter. Make sure to leave the front part fully intact during the separation process. Position the flap towards the front of the toilet when the cover is set down. If the cover has been placed on the seat properly, it will be pulled down into the toilet once you flush.

Check out this video for a visual guide:

Don’t make the common mistake of removing the seat cover yourself!

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