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As the old saying goes, we really do learn something new every single day, provided that we are open to the idea. TikTok has been instrumental in this regard, allowing us to find out everything we need to know about our homes. There are all sorts of hacks that we have simply been missing out on because we never had the chance to come up with them on our own.

That’s why so many people have gotten sucked into the TikTok world. The amazing hacks that we have learned have already changed our whole perspective. There are no shortage of new ideas that you can apply in your own home, that is for sure. Now, the app is here to let us know more about how we can truly get the most out of our strainers.


This is a new topic for us. We had no idea that we were using them incorrectly this whole time, if we are being totally honest. Let’s set the scene here. You have made the pasta and now you are looking to strain it.

The next step for most of us in these instances is to place the strainer in the skin. However, this is where we have been going wrong, according to TikTok.

Photo: Marco Verch Professional Photographer

Luckily, @johannawestbrook is here to set the record straight for anyone who may be confused. Instead of placing the strainer in the sink, we need to be taking the strainer and placing it directly into the pot. Once that is done, we are able to pour all of the water out into the sink.

That’s not nearly as confusing as we would have thought. Not only do we have the chance to create far less waste but we also get to decrease the chance of burning ourselves.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

That’s one of the best hacks that we have come across for that reason alone. Now, we do not have to lose any noodles in the sink either.

As it turns out, this is one of the many mistakes that we are said to have made while cooking pasta. Check out the video below:


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