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Fitted sheets are the bane of our existence. It often seems like they were created just to cause problems in our lives.

Even those who have mastered the art of folding a fitted sheet still have other concerns that they need to address. Once the fitted sheet has been folded, that is not the end of the battle. You still have to put the fitted sheet on the bed!

Photo: Unsplash

The process usually takes a sizable amount of work. The hardest part of all is trying to make sure that all of the corners align with each other properly. This chore is obviously a major pain but that’s why we are here to provide you with a helpful hack for the ages.

Like with many things, Reddit has the answer. User Nolapatrona shared the hack to end all hacks, and as it turns out, the secret is much closer than you ever could have realized.

Photo: flickr/locomomo

The fitted sheets come with tags that are sewn into the corners. There are all sorts of useful information on these tags, as they let you know more about the washing instructions and the materials that are used.

According to a post by Nolapatrona, the corner of the fitted sheet that has the tag on the inside should go on the right-hand corner of the mattress. Those who follow this rule are sure to have a much greater level of success.

Photo: flickr/Tony Webster

The short side of the sheet should align with the bed’s shorter side, and the long side of the sheet should align with the longer side of the bed.

If you would like to use a different method to get a perfect fit, take your sheet and flip it around 180°. This will allow you to place the tag in the upper right-hand corner, which is just as helpful.

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