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We are all aware that good cleaning practices in the home help to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses. And with the world facing a global pandemic, most of us have probably upped our fervor for cleaning our homes. But the million-dollar question is, are we doing it correctly?

Here is how to correctly clean various household surfaces in order to avoid germs.


Photo: Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where we are most likely to spend time when we’re feeling ill. Because of that, our bedding will be ripe with germs. So, if you or someone in your household has been sick, laundering the sheets and pillowcases is the way to disinfect the bedroom. But don’t forget to clean the pjs as well, since they’re also riddled with germs. You can you disinfectants on surfaces such as light switches, doorknobs, and remote controls. And if you have rubber gloves it’s a good idea to wear them while handling soiled linens, and wash your hands afterward.


Photo: Pixabay

Bathrooms are another place in the house that will need to be wiped down if someone in the household is sick. Surfaces to pay special attention to are the toilet seat, handle, and lid, as well as sink or shower, handles, doorknobs, light switches, and toiletries. And don’t forget the trashcan if your trashcan happens to have a lid. All towels should be thrown in the laundry as well. If your house has multiple bathrooms, it might be a good idea to designate one bathroom specifically for the sick person to use. Once the sick person is feeling better, make sure that they toss their toothbrush and replace it with a new one.

Living Room

Photo: Unsplash

If someone is sick, it’s a good idea to confine them to their bedroom. But this is easier said than done, so sometimes we find ourselves sharing the living space with someone who is sick. Because of this, it’s a good rule of thumb to cover your furniture with removable sheets or blankets that can later be thrown in the wash. Also, if you have decorative pillows that aren’t easy to clean, remove them and place them somewhere out of reach. And of course, wipe down all surfaces like coffee tables, side tables, remotes, phones, light switches, and doorknobs.


Photo: Unsplash

Even though a sick person shouldn’t be making food if they’re not well, they still might go into the kitchen for a cup of tea or a bit of soup. But you should try to encourage your sick person to stay out of the kitchen and let you care for their food preparation instead. If they are in the kitchen, try to designate them their own plates, cups, and cutlery, so that you can keep track of what they’re using. These should then be cleaned using very hot water. You can even dip them into a disinfectant solution using 1/2 cup of chlorine bleach to 1 gallon of water. This homemade solution can even be used to clean other surfaces around the home as well.

How do you keep your household clean? What are your tips and tricks? Let us know!