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Summer and spring are two of our favorite seasons of the year but they come with their own unique downsides. There are all sorts of seasonal hazards that need to be considered this time of year, and wasps are one of them.

Wasps are some of the most merciless pests that we have ever come across. They’re both annoying and terrifying, especially when they show up uninvited to a picnic or backyard BBQ.

Photo: flickr/Karel Julien Cole

While many will spend most of their time worrying about bees, they are actually nowhere near as dangerous as wasps. In fact, wasps are far more likely to sting you than bees. Thankfully, there’s a way to keep these pesky insects away over summer and it’s not as hard as you’d expect.

The best way to keep wasps away is to ensure there aren’t any nests nearby. This may require you to remove a nest, but it can be done simply with a little water and dishsoap.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Start by checking the property for evidence of the nests. They usually build nests in out-of-the-way places and overhangs. Make sure you’re wearing full protective gear, like long pants, sleeves, gloves, shoes, and socks when approaching a nest or searching for wasps.

Once a nest is located, you can use boiling water to detach the nest from its hiding spot. Usually this results in a counterattack from the wasps, but adding a bit of liquid dishwasher soap to the water helps bog the wasps down and makes them slower to react and attack.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Once the nest is detached, the wasps will disperse and they may try to rebuild nearby. Continue to monitor your property for nests, since dealing with a small nest is easier than a larger nest. Anytime you see a nest forming, you can use the boiling water with soap method to detach it and you should be good to go!

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