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Staying connected during social distancing is super important. We love our family and friends and it’s so hard to not share those important connections. But, thanks to technology, we can still stay connected! Many of us have become quite familiar with different platforms that allow us to host meetings and, of late, happy hours. If you’re up for it, you can host a virtual happy hour with your family and friends, and with some of those familiar treats, drinks, and chats that we love to do when we’re not social distancing.

How To Host A Virtual Happy Hour

Set a date and time and keep it!
There’s something reassuring about having a scheduled happy hour with friends. It’s something to look forward to during the week. Another positive point for a regular virtual happy hour: it’s way easier (and cleaner) than hosting a party at home!

Have a theme.
Dance party? Game night? Book club? Wine tasting? Cooking? Take turns choosing a theme for the weekly gathering and make some plans ahead of time. You can do a virtual cooking class, where one friend shares a recipe that you all cook together. Trivia games, Charades or Pictionary are great games to play in a virtual happy hour.

Get dressed up (or dressed down)
I personally miss the fun of getting a little dressed up and going out with friends or a date night with my husband. So, it might be fun to use these virtual happy hours as an excuse to put on those fun going-out clothes. Or, keep it super casual and host a pajama party!

Have drinks and appetizers.
Whether it’s a margarita or a glass of wine, or a cup of tea or hot chocolate, make your virtual happy hour feel like the real thing by having fun drinks and snacks “to share.” Cheese and crackers, a great dip and chips (share the recipe with friends), or homemade (microwave) smores – pretty much anything that’s a fun nibble to have while chatting with friends.

Set the tone and a timer.
Keep the virtual happy hour fun and fresh. Use this Happy Hour time to rejuvenate your spirit with some much needed social time. Share stories, play games, and just chat. I also think it’s helpful to establish a timer; 30-60 minutes is just about the right time, especially if you’ve already been online all day.

A little imagination and creativity will keep these times of social distancing a little more tolerable, at least for now. Technology is a great way for us to stay connected when we’re obliged to stay apart. Personally, these virtual happy hours have been a great way for me to stay connected with far-away friends on a more regular basis – we can’t believe we didn’t think of doing this before!

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