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October has officially arrived. If you are anything like us, you are trying your best to get a jump on your Christmas shopping. This is not the year to be spending lots of time in crowded department stores, that is for sure. You can do what you want, but we are going to be stockpiling presents and wrapping paper as early as possible.

Regardless of how you choose to go about the celebration process, we assume its safe to say you will be purchasing a gift for someone at some point. A nice bottle of that person’s favorite wine or liquor is one of the best gifts that a person can possibly give or receive. There’s just one problem when it comes time to give this sort of gift – The wrapping aspect is truly a pain in the backside.

We already know what the retort is going to be here. “I just throw everything in a gift bag,” they’ll say. “No one cares what bag the gift comes in, as long as they are getting the bottle” goes the usual refrain. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally try out something new, though?

Photo: YouTube / HSmith

And while the “bag it and tag it” approach might work out when you are young, but we’re adults now. A proper gift deserves a proper wrapping job. And thankfully, Jane Means is here to show you how it’s done. The recipient of the bottle is sure to be wowed.

To get started, Jane recommends cutting the ribbon to size. The bottle will need to be centered after that.

Photo: YouTube / WHSmith

We could get into the rest of the steps right now, but Jane can show you better than we can. The tips that she has to offer are priceless. The gaping and bubbling that normally takes place when we wrap our gifts is all over with now! This is one of the most important tutorials that you are going to see this holiday season.

Would you give this method a try or will you be sticking with the same old gift bags again this year? You have to admit, this video is making you think about it a little bit. Let us know more about how this hack works out for you. Jane just might be a genius!

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