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It’s a familiar situation: You are looking to hang something up on the wall but you cannot find the stud. That’s when you have to break down and head to the store to grab a stud finder. Or, you do what we do and add it to your “I’ll take care of that someday” list. And the true daredevils out there will simply drill a hole in the wall without even looking for the stud.

If the YOLO philosophy is not for you, we have the perfect solution. No knocking is required and you do not need any fancy tools or gadgets. MrDiyDork has the best method for finding studs that are located in the walls and ceilings. Seriously, this tutorial has not failed us yet and it is time that we spread the wealth.

Photo: YouTube / MrDiyDork

MrDiyDork has a few methods and some of them will get more mileage than others. He can show you how to remove a light switch or outlet plate. From there, you can use the stud mounted box to make educated guesses about the other studs’ location. You’re going to do some measuring, which doesn’t sound like a blast, does it?

The hack that most of us are going to gravitate towards doesn’t involve much more than a simple trip to the store. MrDiyDork says that you can make this purchase at any number of big-box retailers. If we are being perfectly honest, it’s a heck of a lot easier than the hack described above.

All you need to do is purchase one of the rare earth magnets that MrDiyWork will show you in this video. It allows you to detect studs with no real effort expended. He does all of the necessary testing beforehand and he is more than happy to walk viewers through each step of the process.

Check it out below:

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