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We have all probably used buttons before but most of us never stopped to consider where they come from. That’s what makes this video such a fascinating watch. We were today years old when we got the chance to learn and now you will, too.

Process X shared a video where viewers are given the chance to look inside the Tomoi company factory in Japan.

Photo: YouTube/Process X

The process of turning natural shells into shiny buttons is fully outlined for the viewer. When it comes to the bigger jobs, the process is automated. This is expected but the part that really interested us was centered around what takes place when smaller projects need to be completed. Since they cannot be handled by automated machines, human hands are required.

It’s one of the best videos to watch if you are looking to wind down before bed. We cannot lie, it has been quite soothing to us lately and we have watched it more than a few times.

Photo: YouTube/Process X

The sliding of the buttons is everything. We love to hear them slide back and forth. It is a form of ASMR for many of us and we recommend it for that reason (among others).

The description describes the Japanese button factory as being amazing and we are more than inclined to agree. Videos that take us inside a factory are always fun to watch because we love to have the element of mystery removed. If you are anything like us, you are certainly going to want to watch these buttons being made.

Photo: YouTube/Process X

We sincerely appreciate their handiwork and hope to come across some finely crafted items like these the next time that we are shopping for clothes.

In the meantime, we are going to fire up this video a few more times. Do not judge us, we simply enjoy the peace and tranquility that it provides.