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Most of us tend to fit washing our hair into our daily or weekly schedule. We tend to have our own idea as to how often we should wash it, with some people doing it every day and other people doing it every few days or perhaps every week or so.

It seems as if this is something that is up to the individual. Is there an actual time schedule that we should consider just right for the task?

Photo: Pixabay/StockSnap

It really depends on who you ask, but if you ask beauty director Jenny Jin, you will get the answer from someone who knows.

Jin was on a recent PureWow segment of #TheGlowUp when she spilled the beans about how often you should wash her hair. She asked some of her colleagues on the show and got a variety of answers, but no one had a good reason as to why they stuck to their own schedule.

At this point, most people would turn to science and see if there is a scientific reason why we should wash our hair on a particular schedule. Perhaps it really does depend upon the individual and the type of care that they have.

Photo: Pixabay/lin3179

In order to learn more about the subject, celebrity hairstylist Helen Reavey had something to say. In the video below, she starts out by saying that we should forget everything we knew about how to wash our hair. In her words, “let’s restart again.”

According to Reavey, most people tend to focus on their hair during the process, but in reality, they should be focusing on their scalp. The most important area of the scalp to pay attention to is the nape of the neck.


In order to make her point even clearer, she specifically said: “Don’t wash your hair, wash your scalp.”

She goes even further and began talking about some interesting information associated with washing your hair. Using a microscope camera, she inspected the scalp of a number of people onset that day, including Jin.

When you look at things under a microscope, you begin to see what is really going on with the scalp. Much of the product that is used for washing hair builds up on the skin, but there is a lot more that gathers in different areas. Everything from dead skin to dirt can cling to the hair follicles.

Photo: YouTube/PureWow
Photo: YouTube/PureWow

In essence, it really isn’t the shampoo that is causing the damage, it’s the various types of product that we use along with the heat associated with styling.

In the end, they share that it actually does differ from one person to another as far as how often we should wash our hair. Reavey does let us in on how often most people should be shampooing and it probably isn’t what you expect.

You can see more in the following video:

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