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Thanksgiving is the favorite holiday of any glutton out there. This is a day where we are actually encouraged to gorge ourselves and we’re free to fill our plates (and stomachs) repeatedly. In fact, you might get into trouble if you are not willing to eat enough! While most of us go into these dinners with the idea that we are going to stuff ourselves to the gills, there are some things you need to know.

For starters, the average American ends up consuming twice the amount of calories that they expect. According to Basis Science Inc., Americans will expect to consume around 2,000 calories at Thanksgiving dinner, but according to the Calorie Control Council, they actually consume at least 3,100 calories, probably closer to 4,500 calories, on average.

To put that into perspective, 4,500 calories is the equivalent of consuming 61 chicken wings or 8 Big Macs from McDonald’s. It’s essentially the same as eating 28 Krispy Kreme donuts or 21 slices of Domino’s Cheese Pizza, from a caloric counting standpoint.

Thanksgiving meals may be a bit healthier than the greasy grub we consume on a daily basis, but all good things must be had in moderation. There’s no reason to go for any world’s eating records at your next Thanksgiving Day gathering. No one is going to judge you if you don’t go back for thirds or fourths.

The turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pie are going to taste just as good if we eat like normal people. It might feel good in the moment to overeat, but trust us, you are going to regret it later.

After all, Christmas is right around the corner and you are going to need to save some room! This way, you won’t need to make any crazy New Year’s resolutions about trying to take off all of those unwanted pounds that you packed on with all of that holiday eating.