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The fries at Five Guys are one of our favorite parts of eating there. We love the fact that they give so many and we always end up devouring them by the bunches.

If you are anything like us, you have probably spent a decent amount of time wondering how these fries are made. There’s got to be a secret to getting them to taste so good, right?

Photo: flickr/Jerry Huddleston

As always, you will have the good folks at TikTok to thank for this. A TikTok user and Five Guys worker who goes by @maezthegreat on the platform is going to show you what’s what. We can’t lie, we have already watched this incredible video more than a few times. There’s something about watching fries get made that is very soothing to us….please do not judge, okay?

“This is how we make y’all fries at Five Guys,” says the worker. This clip was filmed at a location in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Photo: TikTok/maezthegreat

To make the fries, they use real, fresh potatoes. Once the potatoes have been washed, they are brought to the slicer. “Bring them to the slicer. Put them in there,” @maezthegreat says. From there, they are then cut up into the shape of the fries that we know and love.

The coolest part comes when the fries are placed inside a power wash machine. The machine is responsible for removing the starch from the fries and making sure that there are no impurities in these potatoes by the time they have made their way to your plate.

Photo: TikTok/maezthegreat

Once these steps are complete, they go into a bucket filled with water to be cleaned off and into the fryer.

Now we know how perfection is made!

Check out the video below:


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