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Bedtime is the last time of day we want to feel uncomfortable, and those of us that suffer from things like nighttime leg cramps or restless leg syndrome know all too well the frustrations of trying to get a good night’s sleep. Treatments are available, but medicine doesn’t always come from a pill or bottle. Sometimes it comes in unexpected forms, and one highly unusual remedy for leg cramps or leg pain could come in the most common of forms: a bar of soap. While there is very little science to support a bar of soap as a remedy to our aches and pains, there are some who will swear by this unusual treatment to alleviate a very bothersome issue: nighttime leg cramps or a condition known as Restless Leg Syndrome. RLS is a nagging issue, with suffers describing a crawling-creeping sensation in their legs in the evenings or when trying to sleep.

There’s nothing worse than settling into a restful evening then to suddenly be afflicted with muscle cramps, or a crawling-tingling feeling in our legs that can only be remedied by getting up and out of bed. Certain medical circumstances might trigger these leg conditions, like pregnancy, nerve damage, or use of alcohol. In cases of RLS, patients actually suffer from a neurological sensory disorder, as the main source of pain comes from how the brain sends signals to a part of our body. For some, relief can be found in movement, like getting up from a resting position, but symptoms often return once returning to rest, so relief is often difficult to attain. Medication is a solution to the issue, and some natural remedies can also be effective and definitely less expensive.

Always consult with your healthcare provider on treatment for medical issues.

3 Ways A Bar Of Soap Can Help You Sleep Better At Night

For many, a scented bar of bath soap has offered relief from the discomfort of leg pain at night. There are three reasons to support why a bar of soap works:

1.Essential oils in the soap have an aromatherapy effect, affecting relaxation in the body.

2.Magnesium sulfate in the bar of soap might address deficiencies in our bodies.

3.Placebo effect: we believe it will work, so it does.

At-home remedies are sometimes the best cures; we can all vouch for grandma’s chicken noodle soup or bone broth as cold or flu treatment, for example. Real pain should be addressed by a medical professional, so be sure to consult with your healthcare provider before independently treating a significant medical issue. But if you’re looking for an alternative to medication, a lavender or other essential oil-scented bar of soap may be a simple and cost-effective solution to your nagging nighttime leg pain.

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