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Laura McGarrity is a fiber artist who has come up with some incredible creations as of late. These hoop embroidered animals that she has come up with are a must-see and more importantly, a must-have.

The stitching that is done on these is absolutely tremendous. The thread that she uses is the key here, as it is what allows the animals to stand apart.

The thread is vibrantly colored and designed to look like paint. That’s what gives her hoop embroidery animals such a unique appearance. All sorts of colors are used, not to mention all of the different embroidery techniques. Thanks to all of the colors that she utilizes, she is able to craft animals that appear to be in motion. It is a sight to behold.

When she spoke to the My Modern Met, McGarrity spoke about the spin that she puts on her traditional subjects.

The subjects may be traditional but her results are anything but. “Animals are a very traditional subject, so I like adding my own ‘flavor’ to a piece by reinterpreting them with different palettes..I still feel like I’m learning the craft, so I like creating things using a variety of stitches and techniques,” she said.

When she said that she knows how to add her own unique flavor to a piece, she is not kidding in the slightest. We have never seen anything like these before and we highly doubt that we ever will again.

You can see more of her work on Instagram, @a_warm_garlic_yurt.

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