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Matt Benedetto with Unnecessary Inventions recently launched a brilliant invention: the Hookshot.

The Hookshot is a handy coat hook that pours a shot every time a coat is hung.

How it works is, once a coat is placed on the hook, the weight will force it downwards which triggers the shot to pop up and pour into a pre-placed glass.

Photo: Instagram / unnecessaryinventions
Photo: Instagram / unnecessaryinventions

“The HookShot™. Hang your jacket and rip a shot. When you get home from a long day you can finally relax the moment you put your coat away. This invention swiftly flips a shot of your favorite alcohol as your coat pulls down upon the hook. I find myself taking my coat off a lot these days,” the description reads.

Photo: Instagram / unnecessaryinventions

While the invention was intended to be funny and not super serious, we’re only hoping that someone decides to create a real coat hook/shot pouring mechanism. As a wise man once said, it has to be 5 o’clock somewhere.

What do you think of the Hookshot? Would you get one for your house? Let us know!