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Whether you are dealing with a headache or a severe fever, ice packs offer the sort of relief that you are not going to find anywhere else. When we were young, ice packs were our go-to. There’s something about seeing your mother coming around the corner with an ice pack that makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. Now that we are adults, we do not get to enjoy the same feelings anymore.

Not to worry, though. You do not need to head to the store to grab expensive new ice packs anymore. We are offering you the tools that you need to make one at home, with no real effort. No, we are not talking about the Ziploc baggie that you fill with ice cubes. Those end up melting anyway.

Photo: YouTube / WhatsUpMoms

YouTube account WhatsUpMoms offers a tutorial for homemade gel packs that are both practical and adorable.

Your kids are sure to love them, but there are plenty of adults that are going to rely on these gel packs, too. Maybe you’ll want to keep one at work, so that you can keep those late afternoon headaches at bay. We are glad that What’s Up Moms is showing us how it’s done, but we do not wish to ruin the video for you.

Those who are looking to learn more about the creative process will want to watch the video closely. We assure you, the process is easy and you will be able to create your own ice packs with ease going forward. There’s no need to rely on the outdated options that do not provide the same level of relief, that is for sure.