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Now that many of us are working from home because of the global pandemic, it is time that we started taking a closer look at our home offices. If you are anything like us, your home office is probably a bit over-cluttered. While Marie Kondo suggests throwing out anything that does not give us joy, this is not usually an option that we have available to us.

That’s why we are here to provide you with all of the ingenuity and imagination that you will ever need. After all, it’s not like you can really get all that much done when your desk has too much junk on it. Working from home can be more convenient but there are hidden downsides that need to be discussed. Do It on a Dime is on hand to offer up any tips and pointers that you require.

The materials that were used for this project can be purchased from a wide range of locations, none of which will cost you all that much. Goodwill and The Dollar Store are invaluable in these instances. There are also additional materials that can be found during any thrift store run. By the time you get done with this office makeover, you will barely be able to recognize your workspace.

Photo: YouTube / Do It On A Dime

There’s no reason why we have to allow ourselves to fall into the doldrums when we are working from home. The before and after transformation that takes place during this video has to be seen to be believed. The office that you see at the start of the video looks a lot like our own. The best of intentions have not kept this man from allowing his work area to fall into a state of disorganization.

The process might look daunting to some, but trust us, it is very easy. Do It On A Dime has thought of everything that you need to know. It’s not like we’re all experienced interior decorators. Right now, we are all doing the best that we can and flying by the seat of our pants. Thanks to COVID-19, this is not an uncommon observation.

A home office makeover is a cure for everything that is currently ailing you. We never thought that we would actually miss getting up and going to work, that is for sure. With the help of Do It on a Dime, you can now have a workspace that is truly befitting an essential employee of your stature.

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