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Holographic Hair Is The New Color Trend That Will Make You Do A Double Take

The latest hair trend has everyone turning heads for the iridescence.

Spring is right around the corner and you are probably in search of a brand new hairdo. When you are looking for the sort of “do” that is bound to turn more than a few heads, you will want to read on. We are here to tell you about the latest hair coloring trend that has quickly become all the rage. If you are anything like us, you were already obsessed with the “My Little Pony” hair coloring trend.

Well, holographic hair is here and your hair coloring is about to be taken to a whole new level. If you ever owned a compact disc of any kind before (bear with us, younger readers), you probably remember playing with the disc and watching the shimmering colors. The same goes for anyone who has a DVD collection at home. Holographic hair is like taking this principle and applying it to your hairstyle.

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Cascading prisms . . COLOR- @pulpriothair @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 #haloprism . STYLING- @pulpriothair . TOOLS- @color_map @colortrak @sharkfinshears . MODEL- @harleybabeforever . PHOTO ASSIST- @dingus890

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Iridescent hair may be increasing in popularity lately but that does not mean that everyone has the guts to wear it. It’s a tough look to pull off, for sure.

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Holographic/Iridescent hair is not your typical fantasy shade on hair but it is becoming more popular lately. You’ll typical see bolder shades with pixelated rainbow 🌈 pieces throughout. If you know me then you know Like yo put my own spin on ever trend that I can. We went all out with the pastel shades instead of bold. I have to say it came out exactly how I expected(even though I got a little nervous 😟 at the bowl thinking it was going to be vivid and not soft-I’m only human). Well my unicorn 🦄 is rocking this for her birthday! We finished her color off with a @keratincomplex EBO for maximum shine and repair. What do you think of this fun technique?

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We are sure that you have the swag to “do” it, though! See what we did there? Bolder shades of hair are usually paired with various pixelated rainbow pieces. This creates the sort of look that you are simply not going to be able to find anywhere else.

There are a number of different takes on this trend as well, and you’ll have the chance to find the one that works best for you.

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Today was Cynthia and Hannah day. I love this day, because I get to spend time with my gorgeous, wonderful friend, and she makes me feel beautiful. We tell stories and we laugh and giggle and I walk away feeling confident and amazing. Hannah Woodward Hair Artistry @hannahdoeshairnh gave me beautiful opalescent hair and I can honestly say that I will never let anyone else touch my hair again. If you’re looking to treat yourself- this is the girl to do it. Check her out… . #ifeelbeautiful #hannahdoeshair #opalescenthair #nhstylist #keene #newhampshire #inkedgirls #hairartist #tattooartist

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That’s what style is all about, right? When you have the chance to sift through all of the top variations and find the one that clicks with your personal sensibilities, that is when the magic happens. That’s one of our favorite aspects of this particular trend.

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#holgraphichair #opalhair #cincyblackcatsalon #guytangmydenity #keunecolour #1000orbust #opalescenthair #theprismatics #behindthechair #olaplex #masonpearson #hotonbeauty #behindthechair #americansalon #theunicorntribe #poplocks #fuckinghair #mermadians #iddoubletapthat #iridecenthair #ghostedhair @mermaidians #cincystylist @stylistssupportingstylists #holographichair

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You do not even need a silver base to enjoy the holographic appearance. Take the time to pass these awesome styles along to your friends and loved ones.

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Prism Cascade 🌟 All the blend, all the color ❤️ It’s all about that over direction. The farther it has to travel, the more variance in color when it lays. . . . . . #haircolorideas #pastelhair #rainbowhair #vividhair #funhair #magichair #holographichair #opalescenthair #pastelgalaxy #tacomawa #seattlewa #sheltonwa #olympiawa #cosmoprofbeauty #matrixhaircolor #socolorcult #cosmetology #seattlefashion #nycfashion #customcolor #prism #prismatic

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