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Did you hear that Spam has a new holiday flavor? Whether you like Spam or not, you are sure to appreciate what they did in order to celebrate the launch of that new flavor. They commissioned a poll that shows us just how much food means to us around the holidays.

That poll, which was conducted by OnePoll, was designed to see what type of traditions were important to those who celebrate the holidays. They also wanted to know about the role food played in the holidays, including what type of food brought out the most nostalgia.

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According to a press release, one of the things they looked into was holiday traditions. Although things like seeing friends and family (40%) and decorating the home (29%) were near the top of the list, the number one cherished tradition was decorating the Christmas tree (43%). Other cherished traditions included watching holiday movies (26%) and eating holiday meals (25%).

Perhaps one of the more surprising things that came out of the poll was that 83% said food played a large role in their holiday traditions. What was it that brought out the most holiday nostalgia for those people? Cinnamon was actually in the lead with 58% responding, with pumpkin trailing not far behind at 54%. Peppermint was a surprising holiday taste that drew the attention of 52%.

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It isn’t only about the food, it’s also about preparing a meal that will be enjoyed by everyone. What is it that motivates people to create the perfect meal for the holidays? According to 56% of the respondents, it has to do with the fact that their friends and family will enjoy it. 43% created the dish knowing that it would evoke a feeling of tradition and nostalgia.

All of these were really some interesting factors that were included in the poll, but something else that was interesting was what made the last few holidays more meaningful. After all, they were different in many ways because of the pandemic.

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55% of those who responded said the holidays were meaningful because they were reminded of what to be thankful for. 51% said that they enjoyed their annual favorite foods, movies, and music and were able to see their family and friends again. Additional reasons why holidays were more meaningful included celebrating with the kids (41%), and making new traditions (40%).