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If you have ever seen the Fantasmic show at Disney World, you probably have some questions about these matters.

For example, which of these cast members is getting paid the most? Now, there is a Disney super fan that is willing to explain the financial aspect of this one to viewers at home. For starters, did you know which character is the most well compensated?

Photo: TikTok/@benchlandia

According to Taryn Bench, Ariel earns the most money but it’s not without reason. Once the shocking revelation was shared to her account, it ended up going viral. Taryn’s post shows just how dangerous it can be to be a Disney princess.

We had no idea. Instead of coming to TikTok to share park hacks or show people how to save money, Taryn is offering up information that we never would have thought about it otherwise.

Photo: TikTok/@benchlandia

So why is Ariel the highest paid member of the show? According to Taryn’s video, there is a very good reason for this, a reason that we can fully understand when we stop to think about it.

Ariel is the only one who does not have the chance to leave the boat when the fireworks are going off. All of the other cast members are given the chance to shield themselves except for her. Since she’s tethered to the boat, she has to stay in view of the fireworks which poses a safety hazard.

Photo: TikTok/@benchlandia

Rather than coming up with a solution to move the actress to safety, Disney opts to throw a flame-resistant cape over her instead.

In Taryn’s video, you can see that Prince Eric is responsible for tossing a blanket over her head before running for safety.


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“What the h*ll how have they not found a better solution yet??!?!” said one viewer. We are right there with them on that.