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McDonald’s has their menu of staple items. However, there’s also a list of discontinued menu items that we have been dying to get our hands on again. The Salad Shakers and Snack Wraps are high on that list, that is for sure.

But if we had to pick just one thing to bring back to the menu, it’d be the Hi-C Orange Lavabrust drink.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Thankfully, that wish is finally coming true. After 4 long years of being off-menu, orange Hi-C is returning to McDonald’s!

Photo: flickr / like_the_grand_canyon

This drink first arrived at the golden arches all the way back in 1955. Not only is a classic, but it also pairs perfectly with the Big Mac and fries combo.

The drink vanished in 2017, but now it’s finally making a comeback. According to a post by McDonald’s, the fan-favorite will be back in restaurants by this summer. Maybe 2021 won’t be such a bad year!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to the post, the drink is coming back due to popular demand. After receiving so many Tweets, petitions, and messages regarding the beloved beverage, they finally decided to roll it out once again.

If you’re interested in finding the Hi-C drink near you, you can use McDonald’s custom finder. The website advises you to check back weekly to see if the drink has been added to a location near you.

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