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My mom once told me that you never really pay attention to your eating habits until you have kids. And while I don’t have kids, I can totally see this to be true. While we may not think much about how many veggies we are consuming in a day, as parents we suddenly become obsessed with vitamin and mineral levels. And that’s because we’re responsible for another tiny human which means we need to make sure they grow up healthy and strong.

But given the current global climate, with a COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of relenting, getting proper nutrition can be a little harder than normal. I have found that I’ve been fighting a losing battle against comfort food – and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Since we can’t really go out, we’re having to get used to spending an extra amount of time in our homes. This boredom and anxiety can manifest itself in an extra craving for yummy snacks that provide a little comfort and joy. But we can’t let our health slip – especially when we’ve got little ones dependent on us for proper nutrition.

Photo: YouTube / WhatsUpMoms

This is why the moms at WhatsUpMoms decided to give healthy spins to some of our more preferred comfort food dishes. As many of our kids would be happy to subsist on a diet of chips, cookies, and candy, that isn’t always how it should go. In order to create the best of both worlds for our kids, the WhatsUpMoms have come up with clever ways of sneaking much-needed fruits and veggies into some of the foods that kids love most. And it’s also a good idea to keep in mind that these recipes aren’t just for children, they’re also great hacks for the adult children in our lives as well!

Below are five recipes that are kid-friendly but with a healthy twist:

The video received a good reaction, with many people appreciating the ideas. One person commented, “yay! this was sooo needed! we have been eating a bit too much junk food thanks to quarantine. i love these videos. Thanks for making us smile. Stay safe.”

Another person stated what we’re all feeling – that they’re good enough for adults to try as well! What do you think of the video’s recipes? Would you try these for either you or your family? Let us know!