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If you have ever tried to help your child do homework before, you realize that things have changed in recent years. Between the “new math” and new rules, it can sometimes be difficult.

Then again, there are also times when the question may just be so difficult you wonder how anyone could properly answer it. That was the case with one question that was asked of a kindergartner, and the Internet doesn’t get it.

Photo: Pexels/Pixabay

The worksheet was shared on Reddit by parents who were having a difficult time finding the answer. Essentially, the entire question revolves around the letter T.

In the homework, the kindergartner had to write both the capital and lowercase versions of the letter T. They then needed to find out what word was based on an image.

On the page, there was a picture of a bathtub and a picture of the number 10, along with a spinning top.

Son’s kindergarten school work. What 3-4 letter word is this??
by u/OllieSDdog in mildlyinfuriating

Another image was also in the homework, and parents just couldn’t figure it out. It was an image of a rabbit family.

The OP asks: “Son’s kindergarten school work. What 3-4 letter word is this?”

At this point, the possible solutions were coming in from all different directions. Some spoke about how these worksheets try to trick the children, and others just couldn’t come up with a solution.

Photo: Pexels/Sarah Dietz

Even a former teacher came on to comment that they were stumped in the past but thought that the answer to this one was “Pet.”

In the end, there were a lot of questions and some good debating that took place over the homework. They still didn’t come up with a solution that everyone could agree on.