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Halloween is a time of year that most people go all out when it comes to scariness. It isn’t enough that they wear spooky costumes and hide out at night, there is a lot of decorating that goes on at this time of year as well. Aside from the decoration and the festivities, many people will have a fire to enjoy the cool weather outside.

That is where this unique product comes in. It is known as the “Human Fire Pit Skull” and you can purchase one pack for $50 or 5 packs for $250. Even though it is a little expensive, it will be well worth it if you want the spookiest fire on the block.

One of the reasons why the Human Fire Pit Skull is a great choice for Halloween is because it is made from a high refractory product.


Think of it as being similar to ceramic. Each 10-pound skull has some very realistic details, thanks to hand-painted facial features. They are more than Halloween scary, they are pieces of art!

It isn’t just as if you will be watching your money go up in smoke, they last for a long time and they come in different colors. You don’t even have to light them all this year, you can save them for future Halloween celebrations. You can even add them to a fire pit or fireplace with other wood, just make sure that it is ventilated properly.

These burning skulls are more than just a gadget, they are an investment. If you are somebody that enjoys celebrating Halloween, then you need to try these for yourself.