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There has long been a debate about how soon is too soon to start putting out Christmas decor. But most people will agree that the end of summer is too much. However, this year, there seems to be a new trend surrounding Halloween décor.

“Halloween trees” are the latest trend to circulate the internet, but we suspect this is just Christmas in disguise. People all over social media have been posting pictures of their Halloween trees.

In case you’re wondering what exactly a Halloween tree is, it’s the same thing as a Christmas tree, only with orange and black colors and the ornaments are Halloween decorations. It has become an actual phenomenon, with more than 20,700 posts on Instagram accompanied by the hashtag #halloweentree. People have been proudly showing off their spooky creations as early as June, which seems a little excessive and soon.

While some of them are admittedly pretty cool, it does seem a little much combining Christmas and Halloween together, especially in the middle of summer.

However, you can look through the hashtag to see some of the Halloween trees, but below are a few of them:

Photo: Instagram / @HalloweenHomeMaker
Photo: Instagram / @Turquoise_Lifestyle
Photo: Instagram / @OhYeahem
Photo: Instagram / @JenniferPerkins

What do you think of the Halloween trees? Would you ever put one up?