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Cleaning the bathroom is important. However, it can be a little more difficult when it comes to the bathtub. The different surfaces like tiles and grout combined with the hard-to-reach nooks in the corners of the bathrooms can cause it to be a little difficult to clean the entirety of the tub. But we all have our different methods of reaching the tough spots.

Keeping those areas clean is important because mold and mildew are serious threats. There are probably a fair few of us who do the old faithful method of scrubbing the sides of our bathtubs with old toothbrushes doused in our favorite cleaning solution.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

But it turns out that there is something else in your bathroom that can help you tackle tough mold. According to Lifehacker, the best way to combat mold is to use toilet paper.

That is correct. Apparently, if you see mold you should take a strip of toilet paper and twist it up into a rope-like consistency. Then, you lay it along the top of the mold and spray it down with bleach.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Next, you let it sit for 12 hours while maintaining the bathroom as dry as possible. That means open the windows and/or turn the bathroom fan on. If you don’t have bleach or prefer a more natural remedy, you can use vinegar instead.

After the 12 hours have passed and it’s dried, you can strip away the toilet paper and you’ll be shocked to see how well it works! Mold be gone!

Photo: TikTok/@lilstepha_

If you’re still not convinced, you can watch the life hack being used by TikTok user @lilstepha_ who shared a TikTok video of it. Of course, there were some people who commented on her video stating that the same trick can be used with either cotton balls or cotton pads since they’re sturdier and don’t make such a mess when removed.

Have you ever tried this hack? Let us know!

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