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While men do have a certain privilege when it comes to personal safety, it is a comfort to see the good guys step up to help a woman in a sticky situation. It’s something that can make a real difference. So, if there are any men reading this, please take a lesson from TikToker @thebrandonrobert, who intervened when he saw a young woman in need of some assistance.

The TikTok user first noticed that there was a young woman, about 19-years-old, who was being talked to by another person. @thebrandonrobert quickly noticed the interaction and could tell that the young woman was looking like she was not enjoying the conversation at all. In fact, she looked like she was very uncomfortable. Now, this situation didn’t affect him at all – he wasn’t the one getting made to feel uncomfortable so he easily could’ve walked away and let the situation be. But he didn’t.

Photo: TikTok / thebrandonrobert

@thebrandonrobert decided to intervene. He made eye contact with the girl before walking over to her and pretending to know her. She immediately played along, and @thebrandonrobert had to come up with an excuse to get the woman away from the creep. He asked her if she wanted to say hi to his aunt who was nearby, and she chimed in with agreeing to say hi to “Aunt Claire.”

Photo: TikTok / thebrandonrobert

Finding an out, @thebrandonrobert managed to get the girl away from the creep. He made sure that she was okay, and then offered to walk her to her car. The woman was grateful that he stepped in and gave her an out to get away from the guy.

Photo: TikTok / thebrandonrobert

The TikToker recorded the entire thing on his phone and then uploaded it to his TikTok where it was viewed over 39 million times. Many of the comments were from people who praised him for doing the right thing and stepping in to offer assistance to the young woman. There were even more comments asking other men to please step in if they ever see a woman in a potentially dangerous circumstance.

One of the comments emphasized a very unfortunate truth, “Guys PLEASE do this. It rly does help cuz unfortunately these men will only leave a girl alone when another man comes.” It’s sad but true – that is why men should step in because it really makes a difference. There were also a lot of people requesting that “Aunt Claire” be turned into a universal cue that someone needs out of a creepy situation – and I think that would be a wonderful idea. How about you?

Watch the video below:


She was so thankful 🥺🥺

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Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? What do you think of the video? Let us know!

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