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When we go to weddings, we usually focus all of our attention on the bride and her entrance. It’s a big moment. It’s when we get to see the dress, the hair, the flower bouquet, everything.

Of course, we can’t forget that weddings are about more than just the bride. There is a groom too, and sometimes they can make an entrance as well!

Photo: Unsplash/Victoria Priessnitz

While most grooms that walk into their wedding will just walk down the aisle, one decided to do something a little more creative and fun.

Gustavo Durso Aleixo didn’t want to make a basic entrance on his big day, so he took it a step further. Gustavo, who is a dancer, producer, and choreographer from Brazil, was getting married to beauty artist, Carol Stefh. Their big day took place in August. It was set to be a memorable event, and Gustavo added to that by having some fun during his entrance.

Photo: Instagram/gustavodurso

He not only walked down the aisle to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” but he also put some dazzle into his entrance with some choreography. But it wasn’t just the groom that was dancing, soon, the entire wedding party joined him.

Photo: Instagram/gustavodurso

Gustavo led the group in a choreographed dance down the aisle that even got the attention of Justin Timberlake himself! JT was one of the comments to appear on the Instagram post, where he said, “You love to see it!”

Watch the groom’s entrance down below:


What do you think of the groom’s dance down the aisle? Have you ever danced down the aisle? Let us know!

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