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When we go to the grocery store, it is very rare that we find ourselves humming along with the music, thinking about how we haven’t heard that song in such a long time. There are also very few times that the pulsing beat of the music causes us to break out in a dance.

As it turns out, stores aren’t playing that music because it’s popular, they are doing it because they want you to spend more money.

Photo: flickr/Lorie Shall

That fact was brought out in a viral video shared on TikTok. It seems as if there is some science behind it and Matt Gresia was more than happy to share that information. He said that the music is “played intentionally to make you spend more money.”

It may seem unusual, but there really is a lot to it. Perhaps you are also familiar with the elevator music which is notoriously boring. It seems as if that music is slower than a heartbeat, which helps us to relax and calm down.

Since you are calmer as you are walking through the grocery store aisles, you have a greater chance of spending more money.

Photo: TiKTok/@mattgresia

It seems as if this was also substantiated in a 1982 study conducted by marketing professor Ronald E Milliman. They found that playing slower music in the grocery store does slow down the average customer and increases how many sales are taking place.

When doing the study, it was discovered that people were likely to spend 38% more on the days that slow music was played. But as they say, that’s not all!

A study conducted by Cain-Smith and Curnow showed that soft music helps people to spend more money as well. When loud music is played, people were less likely to stick around so they grabbed what they needed and spent less.


The leisurely pace of average customers when the music was softer, however, meant that they were spending more money and the grocery store was making more money.

What does this mean for you? Not much, except you might now notice the music that is playing at the store and realize that it isn’t the music that is being played, it’s the customers that are being played!


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