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We’ve heard of plenty of writers saying that certain stories of theirs started off as dreams. But food creators? As it turns out, they can also be inspired by their dreams – although it’s still up for debate whether or not the dreamed-up creations are edible or not.

As one Twitter user shared, they were inspired by their dreams to create a cookie-and-salad combo.

Called the “King’s Hand,” the Twitter user saw this combination in their dream and it was so real and delicious-looking in their sleep that they were compelled to re-create it in their waking state. The combination is a hollowed-out m&m cookie in the shape of a hand that is stuffed with a Greek salad. As they shared in the tweet, they “could not stop thinking about it.” And after a week of testing out their recipe, they were finally able to post a photo about it.

The tweet received more than 163,000 likes and 15,000 retweets – and the numbers just keep rising. People aren’t quite sure what to do with the cookie-salad medley. It’s definitely a bizarre mashup to say the least. But it has also started a conversation amongst others online who felt compelled to share their own dreams and creations.

Some of these actually sounded edible, like earl grey hot cocoa or chamomile coffee. But for the most part, people were very curious about the “King’s Hand” and its origins. While there were plenty of comments, one person did ask the ultimate question that we all wanted to know: what did it taste like?

The original poster did reply to it, but the answer didn’t really tell us much. The OP simply replied that it tasted “exactly like a King’s Hand.”

Guess we’ll never get a straight answer but I’m going to assume that the “King’s Hand” wasn’t that appetizing once consumed.

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